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  • Dean Marsden
    Online TV Catch Up Service SeeSaw.com to close after 16 months

    SeeSaw TV LogoI remember being drawn into the buzz SeeSaw generated before its launch in February 2010. It had a long planning stage and was incredibly well deployed, so where has it gone wrong and how does the competition fair?

    SeeSaw.com promised to bring together TV shows from a variety of producers. That’s great! Who doesn’t like the simplicity having everything in one place? A great idea on paper and focus groups loved it. It started out with just a selection of BBC, Channel 4 and Five shows with a plan to include selection of high profile US dramas in future following additional funding.

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  • James Perrin
    Friends Reunited Relaunches: Will It Work Though?

    Today is the day that Friends Reunited, the first UK social network, relaunches. The former social networking giant has given itself a lick of paint, and a whole new feel to it, focussing on nostalgia and memories.

    What’s difficult to believe is that Friends Reunited, which launched in 2000, was the UK’s first social network and went on to become one of the most popular too; in 2005 it boasted over 15 million users. Then the MySpace’s and the Facebook’s of this world took off, and the rest as they say is history. However, Friends Reunited is back, but will it work?
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  • James Perrin
    57 Great Tips From The London Agile Content Meetup #agilecontent

    Content MeetupThis week I was treated to the inaugural London Agile Content Meetup. What was formerly the Content Strategy Meetup, has now become something a lot larger and more holistic – indicative of the way in which Content Marketing and Content Strategy has evolved.

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  • Ali Moghadam
    Visions of Google's Future - Google Glass, AI and Next Gen Search Engines

    HANNOVER, GERMANY - MARCH 10: stand of Google+ on March 10, 2012 at CEBIT computer expo, Hannover, Germany. CeBIT is the world's largest computer expo.Google’s I/O conference gets technology and SEO folks all worked up. It might be for developers, but we’ve all got a stake in Googley goings on. Reading up about it over the weekend, it seems that Google has teased us all with visions of the future – well, the Google-centric version of the future. In Harry’s latest post (Seeing Double – How to Win the Second Screen Revolution), he talks about a future laden with self-driving hover cars and multi-function gesture controlled windows. Sounds cool huh?

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  • Lenka Istvanova
    Over 45 Tips On Blogger Outreach From Digital Sport London

    UK Sports NetworkYesterday UK Sports Network held an event for people who work in the sports digital environment.  This was the first in their Digital Sport London series which is going to be run on a monthly basis. The event had three sections; a skype call with special guest, a presentation from Matchchat and a panel discussion with top UK sport bloggers.

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  • Mike Essex
    236 Amazing Insights From Brighton SEO Sep 2013 (#brightonseo)

    BrightonSEOToday saw another epic Brighton SEO and in typical Kelvin Newman fashion it was the biggest one yet. In this round-up we’ve compiled our favourite tips from over 30 talks spread across nine separate sessions from the day.

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  • Stephen Logan
    The Potential Implications of Google Mega Sitelinks

    Whenever Google introduce an update to their SERPs or adjust their algorithm, there is always a knock-on effect for SEOs and Webmasters. Whether you have to re-evaluate on-page content, as with the Panda update, or look at your local presence again as many had to do when Places exploded all over results pages.

    Yesterday Google unleashed mega sitelinks. It may sound like the latest addition to the Transformers franchise, but in fact this new barrage of links for results pages is significantly less one dimensional, offering opportunities and concerns aplenty.
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  • James Perrin
    Does Twitter have Security Issues? Recent Hacks Raise Concerns

    TwitterThis morning hackers accessed Fox News’ Twitter Account and announced to the world that the U.S. President, Barack Obama, had been shot dead. Worryingly, this came from a verified account. It’s another example in a long list of high profile hacks on Twitter.

    Last week, British actor Simon Pegg admitted that his Twitter account had also been hacked. A link was posted to download a screensaver from his recent movie, ‘Paul’, which was actually in fact a login-stealing malware virus. So, two hacks in two weeks, is this the start of something major?

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  • Stephen Logan
    Google Begins Integrating Flight Details into SERPs

    Google SERPs have become an abundant source of information in recent years. From the latest sports results to local cinema listings, you can get all the details you need from a simple search. Now you can even get the latest flight times on your results page for most major destinations.

    This kind of instant resource can be hugely effective in reducing your time online. In the image below you can see the kind of level of detail that you can get through a simple search; in this case for flights between Los Angeles (LAX) and Boston (Logan International).

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  • Harry Gardiner
    My Month Without Google Search

    GoogleI’ve always felt a bit sorry for vacuums. Hear me out. There are hundreds of brands of vacuum, yet Hoover have capitalised most on both the name and the action. Let’s face it, you’re much more likely to say you are going to “hoover” something than you are “vacuum” it; and all because they probably had a better marketing team at one point or another.

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