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  • Tara West
    Think Visibility 6: How Long is a Mile?

    Drink Vis kicked off on Friday night with a great party at The Mint, featuring Koozai cocktails (or Kooztails as I like to call them) and some mini golf adventures.

    For those that didn’t over do it on the Kooztails, the Think Visibility presentations started in earnest at 10am following a great intro from Dom Hodgson (“Koozai! Say it with me…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…”).

    There were brilliant swag bags featuring Think Vis Lego mini figures, pick n mix, and a cardboard Dom of course! Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Brighton SEO Write Up - Morning

    Brighton SEO kicked off today with some fascinating talks and presentations from the morning session. Read more

  • Samantha Noble
    Koozai Included in Econsultancy's SEO Agencies Buyer's Guide

    For the second year in a row, Koozai have been featured in the annual SEO Buyer’s Guide from Econsultancy. We’re extremely pleased to be listed alongside 35 of the other leading Search Engine Optimisation service providers here in the UK.

    You can access the full SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide 2012 on Econsultancy right now and find out more about the state of the industry and Koozai, of course. It’s a hefty publication, weighing in at 269 pages, but offers an indispensible overview of the UK SEO market for the year ahead.

    Read more

  • Arnold Ma
    New London Google Office - Learn with Google Day

    Google LogoYou know you are working in digital marketing when you are actually excited about visiting the Google office. Well, that was me this morning, especially as they have just moved their London office to a brand new building near High Holborn. It’s so new I can even forgive Google for not having it on Google Maps – I’m just bitter because Google maps led me to a small theatre near Covent Garden…

    Read more

  • Andrew Tonks
    My Thoughts From Think Visibilty 6

    This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the sixth ThinkVisibilty conference in Leeds. After making my way to the pre-party on Friday, sponsored by ourselves, I attended the conference on the Saturday and had a great time meeting new people in the industry and finding out a tonne of new things.

    Find below some of what I took from the conference and a summary of the talks I attended. Find out more about this year’s event on on my college Tara’s blog post on the event.

    Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Does Google's Ambiguity Encourage Poor Practices?

    In the last week or so there has been a lot of fuss over the penalising of certain blog networks by Google. Now, for as long as PageRank has existed and links have impacted rankings, people have always found ways of gaming the system. Link farms, networks, and other paid sources have flourished, offering a quick solution to pseudo-SEOers.

    However, now, in 2012, Google finally appears to be taking a real interest in giving the more notorious networks a kicking. But what took them so long?

    Read more

  • James Perrin
    Friends Reunited Relaunches: Will It Work Though?

    Today is the day that Friends Reunited, the first UK social network, relaunches. The former social networking giant has given itself a lick of paint, and a whole new feel to it, focussing on nostalgia and memories.

    What’s difficult to believe is that Friends Reunited, which launched in 2000, was the UK’s first social network and went on to become one of the most popular too; in 2005 it boasted over 15 million users. Then the MySpace’s and the Facebook’s of this world took off, and the rest as they say is history. However, Friends Reunited is back, but will it work?
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  • James Perrin
    Bricks and Clicks: The Changing Face of Retail

    Paying OnlineYou’ve no doubt looked up and down your high street recently, only to discover closing down sales, boarded up shops and empty premises. This has been a continued trend of late, with a large number of well known brands either falling into administration or having to shut their doors.

    From Our Price to Rumbelows and now Barratts to La Senza, history has not been kind on the high street. The modern retail landscape demands an online presence, at the very least. For those retailers who are making a success of it, the business strategy of bricks and clicks seems to be the answer.
    Read more

  • James Perrin
    SEO Is Not Dead - Spend is Expected to Soar

    GravestoneThe start of the year is often met with a deluge of industry predictions, where experts from all over have their say on what they think we should all focus on. This year was no different, with numerous useful and insightful experts making their SEO predictions.

    However, as always, it’s a time of year when the infamous ‘SEO is Dead’ ideas come to the fore, so cue a litany of posts regarding this subject matter. Conversely though, research actually suggests that SEO is being invested in more than ever before. So what’s the answer?
    Read more

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