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  • Mike Essex
    Shave It Like the Movers and Shakers (Nominations)

    Shave It Like the Movers and ShakersThe Koozai Team commence their Movember campaign for charity tomorrow and during that time we also want to pay tribute to the people in marketing who have brilliant beards, marvellous moustaches and who make facial hair a work of art. Read more

  • Mike Essex
    Shave It Like the Movers and Shakers (Voting)

    Movers and ShakersLast week we asked for nominations to help find the best facial hair in marketing. This led to fifty nominations covering everything from bears to goatees. Even Seth Godin received a nod, for showing that less can be more.

    Today we show who “made the cut” and you can vote to determine who is the best at the bottom. Also don’t forget to catchup on the Koozai efforts for Movember which inspired this competition.

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  • Ben Norman
    Koozai Rise To The Great South Run Challenge

    Bupa Great South RunOn 28th October, 12 Koozai employees will be taking on the Bupa Great South Run to raise money for four separate charities. We have a real mix of people running (everything from an “Iron Man” to first time runners) so it should be an interesting event, and a great way to support good causes.

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  • Mike Essex
    EXCLUSIVE: The Search Specialists Movie Revealed

    Search Engine Optimisation has gone mainstream with the announcement of the new movie ‘The Search Specialists’. In this exclusive article we reveal the movie poster, plot and teaser images.

    In the year 2020, two major pharmaceutical companies have discovered a cure for a new disease rapidly spreading across the planet’s population. For these companies billions of dollars are on the line every day, as they compete to be the main provider of this cure. With newspapers out of circulation and all information now available online, they have but one way to reach customers – search. But with so much money at stake, rivalries to be number one in the results, have led to a dangerous game of cat and mouse, murder and corporate espionage. This tale is told in ‘The Search Specialists’. Read on for teaser images and the poster.

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  • Mike Essex
    Koozai do Movember - Day One (#movember)

    Tara MovemberIt’s the first day of the Koozai charity raising efforts for Movember, with 15 of the team set to grow moustaches for the month. That includes both boys and girls, with the girls sporting stick on moustaches, and the boys growing theirs from scratch.

    Learn more about our journey in the full post.

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  • Chris Simmance
    Koozai Rise To The Great South Run Challenge - The Results

    So yesterday saw members of the Koozai team take on the Bupa Great South Run to support some great causes. It was cold and wet at times, but we conquered the adversities like any elite athletes would and in this Blog post we will give you the run down of the results and let you know how much we raised for our chosen charities.

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  • Mike Essex

    Despite living and breathing the topic, most SEO professionals have a hard time explaining Search Engine Optimisation to their friends and family. So what would happen if we had to explain the topic to a child (e.g. what does Mummy / Daddy do for a living?), could it be done?

    This blog post attempts to do so, through the story of Christopher Carrot and his desire to be found…

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  • Mike Essex
    Why SEO is like a Videogame

    We take a look at the rules and elements that make the world of search just one giant videogame. Including an analysis of the bosses, enemies and levels that make up the world and the SEO versions of XP, Health, Parties, and attack power. Want to play a game?

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  • Mike Essex
    Koozai Sponsoring Brighton SEO Conference

    Brighton SEOSeptember is a busy month for SEO conferences, and after announcing our premium sponsorship of Think Visibility on September 3rd, we are now pleased to confirm Koozai will also be sponsoring the Brighton SEO Conference.

    Brighton SEO will be held on Friday 9th September at the Brighton Corn Exchange with some of the UK’s best search marketers presenting. Read more

  • Samantha Noble

    On Monday, Mike Essex and I attended the Post Graduate Careers Fair at Southampton University to give a presentation to the students on ‘How to Get a Job in Online Marketing’.

    Following some great ideas from Dave Naylor, Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden we put together a slide show giving some ideas and pointers on how to get a job in the marketing industry, which went down really well with the students of the university.

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  • Rob Arkell
    Econsultancy FUNNEL 2011 Review #funnelmarketing

    Econsultancy FUNNEL logoThe very first Econsultancy FUNNEL conference was held today at the Lancaster London, designed to help senior sales and marketing professionals understand the landscape around marketing automation and lead nurturing.

    The conference was launched this year by Econsultancy to focus on the four core disciplines of revenue marketing – Attract, Engage, Nurture and Convert. With over 500 of the UK’s leading senior sales and marketing professionals in attendance and 28 seminars on the agenda, I was really looking forward to the event. Read more

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