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  • James Perrin
    SEO Is Not Dead - Spend is Expected to Soar

    GravestoneThe start of the year is often met with a deluge of industry predictions, where experts from all over have their say on what they think we should all focus on. This year was no different, with numerous useful and insightful experts making their SEO predictions.

    However, as always, it’s a time of year when the infamous ‘SEO is Dead’ ideas come to the fore, so cue a litany of posts regarding this subject matter. Conversely though, research actually suggests that SEO is being invested in more than ever before. So what’s the answer?
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  • Oliver Ewbank
    Brighton SEO 2011 Review - Afternoon Session

    After a quick lunch break at the local Wagamama I was ready to absorb another session of SEO tips. The afternoon topics broke the mould by looking at several different aspects of SEO. This was immediately followed by a quick-fire round of ten minute presentations. Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Why Influence is Essential in Online Marketing

    Richard BransonIt doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a brand, influence is now king. A legion of followers can offer a wealth of opportunities, just as being a recognisable name within an industry can ensure untainted visibility on any platform you wish.

    The Internet is the ultimate popularity contest. You either play the game, or you get left behind. With one wave of his Twitter wand, Stephen Fry can raise awareness of causes, channel thousands of visits to a news story, or even make a relatively unknown guitarist a star. In the same regard, big businesses need to do little more than snap up a load of domains, cobble together a decent website and wait for Google to promote them to the top.

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  • Mike Essex
    Why the Nintendo Wii U Could Change Businesses

    Wii U LogoThe Nintendo Wii U console was announced today at the annual E3 developer conference. If you haven’t seen it yet the BBC have a good summary, and Crunch Gear have a teaser video. Essentially the new console runs on a TV but also has controllers with built in screens that can also browse the Internet. The implications for gaming are immense, but there are also a number of interesting ways this could be utilised by businesses in the online space. Here’s just a few ideas: Read more

  • James Perrin
    April Fools and Digital Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven?

    Laughing at CompSo, another year has passed and some classic April Fools gags have been made (I think Google have won this year with their litany of gags, from the Google 8-Bit Maps for NES to the YouTube collection on DVD).

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  • James Perrin
    Google+ TV Ad Illustrates the Internet Giant's Intentions

    If you didn’t know already, Google have followed up from their previous television adverts with yet another one of their well styled and slick commercials; this time promoting their social network, Google+.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Why Bad Mouthing Competitors Online is Poor Form

    Don'tThere are some website owners who take an ‘attack or be attacked mentality’ to marketing. Others are hell bent on retaliating to bad publicity they may have received. However, just like the daily spats in the Houses of Parliament, neither party usually comes out of a slanging match unscathed.

    The ‘they started it’ line of defence simply won’t wash. Airing your dirty laundry in public, either with a dismissive blog post, angry press release or ill-advised tweet, could leave your intended target looking like a victim whilst your brand is tainted. This is why positive reinforcement of your own products, services and principles should be top of your agenda.

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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - January 2012

    A new year and a new development in the ongoing struggle for search engine market share. Last year we spoke about the turning point when Microsoft’s Bing would overtake Yahoo in terms of US market share; well latest figures reveal they have done so, meaning that 2012 has started off great for Bing, and pretty poorly for Yahoo.

    In the UK, the good news for Bing has continued as their share has jumped 0.26% in the last month. All other search engines gained a share of the UK market, with Google being the only one to actually see a drop.
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  • Ben Norman
    Koozai Crowned Winners for UK Search Awards

    UK Search Awards WinnersKoozai are celebrating after winning the prestigious UK Search Awards for the category of Best use of Search for the Finance sector with our client Payday Power. The award was won after beating strong competition in the form of campaigns from established companies Branded3 for MoneySupermarket.com and Greenlight for Santander.

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  • Andrew Tonks
    Top Search Marketing Conferences in the UK

    Cheering CrowdWith Koozai recently being announced as the premium sponsor at the upcoming ThinkVisibility event in Leeds this September as well as sponsoring Brighton SEO, I thought I might put together a list of recommended search marketing conferences in the United Kingdom.

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