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  • Samantha Noble
    My First Public Speaking Appearance

    On the 22nd September 2011, I made my first appearance on a stage at OMN London alongside Mike Essex where we presented our tactics for dominating page one of the search results for a brand. If you had asked me six months ago whether I would have done something like this, the answer would have been a definite NO! However, I overcame my fears and stood up in front of approximately 300 people with an interest in digital marketing and presented to them.

    From speaking to people in the industry over the past three years, public speaking is a fear of many people and I wanted to put together this post to share some of my thoughts and tell you how I went about combating that fear in 15 steps.

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  • Tara West
    Think Visibility 6: How Long is a Mile?

    Drink Vis kicked off on Friday night with a great party at The Mint, featuring Koozai cocktails (or Kooztails as I like to call them) and some mini golf adventures.

    For those that didn’t over do it on the Kooztails, the Think Visibility presentations started in earnest at 10am following a great intro from Dom Hodgson (“Koozai! Say it with me…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…”).

    There were brilliant swag bags featuring Think Vis Lego mini figures, pick n mix, and a cardboard Dom of course! Read more

  • Mike Essex
    The eCommerce Directive, the Digital Single Market and mCommerce

    Westminster eForumOn the 7th June 2011 the Westminster eForum held a seminar on ‘The eCommerce Directive and the Digital Single Market’. The eCommerce directive governs the usage of the Internet and businesses selling on it, whilst the concept of a digital single market is one where any company can sell anywhere easily. The seminar bought together policy makers, government officials and the likes of Dell, Yahoo, MasterCard and PayPal to discuss the issues. We share the best parts of the day.

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  • Mike Essex

    March 2011 saw the gathering of SEO professionals both black hat and white hat to experience the Distilled link building seminar in London. Read more

  • Ben Norman
    Koozai Win Best Blog At The 2013 UK Search Awards

    UKSA Winner 2013Koozai are extremely proud to announce that after travelling to London last night for the third annual UK Search Awards, we picked up the award for Best Blog, for all the hard work and effort we have put into our TV channel and digital marketing blog on Koozai.com.

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  • James Perrin
    Over 150 Tips from #ionSearch - Days One and Two

    ionSearchI had the great pleasure of visiting the ionSearch conference today, hosted in the wonderful city of Leeds. This two day conference showcases the very best in search from around the globe, and I decided to share some of the great tips I’ve learned so far.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Think Visibility 9 March 2013 – Conference Round Up

    think visibility 9This weekend Think Visibility celebrated its fifth year and 9th conference. It was a birthday party, a Christmas party and of course had great sessions about SEO, business, analytics and more! I had a fantastic time meeting new people, catching up with those I’d met before and learning new things.

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  • Laura Phillips
    Searchlove 2012 Roundup Day Two #searchlove

    Well Day Two of Searchlove 2012 is over. We’ve had some excellent speakers, my top 2 being Wil Reynolds and Dave Peiris, plus an amusingly frank and honest talk from Paul Madden. Yesterday I posted my take on Day One for those who couldn’t make it and those who didn’t want to make notes!

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  • Tom Howlett
    BrightonSEO Write Up – Part 2 #BrightonSEO

    With the morning session complete (read more here), we had a full afternoon of talks, events and discussions ahead of us. Here is a a brief round-up of all that happened in the afternoon session at BrightonSEO.

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  • Dean Marsden
    BrightonSEO Write Up - Part 1 #BrightonSEO

    It’s that time of the year again when SEOs from around the country, including a sizable contingency from Koozai, converge on Brighton for the aptly named BrightonSEO conference. Kelvin, who organises the event twice a year, appears in penguin outfit to set to stage of this year’s September . This already looks to be another bumper day of interesting talks and surprises.

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  • Andy Williams
    Review of Southampton Digital Conference #SotonDigital

    The second SotonDigital event took place today in Winchester with a change to the format. This year we had the addition of five speakers presenting talks of around 20 minutes a piece.

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