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Reputation Management Blog Posts

  • Laura Phillips
    Should I Use A Discount Site To Promote My Business?

    Grunge StampDiscount sites offer their service to just about any and every trade under the sun. Everyone loves a bargain, and these companies have cleverly capitalised on this; offering deals on all manner of products and services for sometimes more than a 70% reduction, while taking their slice of the pie as the middle man. But what do they really mean for your business?

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  • Harry Gardiner
    Building Better Blogger Relationships This Valentine’s Day

    Heart Graffiti(Otherwise known as: “Your Outreach Sucks! Get Personal or Go Home.”)

    I’m going to start by saying the obvious: “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

    Sorry I didn’t get you a card, I did try emailing you about some ideas I had, but you never replied.

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  • Mike Essex
    Does Talking About Scammers Only Encourage Them?

    From malware to spam emails, the number of ways to scam people online is growing everyday. It’s an area that’s been covered in depth on multiple occasions, with many articles explaining step by step exactly how spammers succeed. Which begs the question, does talking about spammers only encourage more people to do it?

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  • Ali Moghadam
    3 Great Ways To Get Reviews Ethically And Safely

    5 Star ReviewsThe battle for online visibility is relentless. You need allies, advocates and supporters. The good news is if you run a business online, those allies and supporters are already out there. But how can you show their feedback to the rest of the world? Even just trying to get reviews can be tricky and fraught with issues. How can you get them without begging, bribery or attracting untoward hatred?

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  • Samantha Noble
    Reputation Management in a Digital Age - #SAScon 2012

    Today, I had the opportunity to speak at SAScon, one of the leading Search and Social conferences held in Manchester. This blog post includes my slides and further information.

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  • John Waghorn
    How Brand Monitoring can Enhance Positive Relationships with your Customers

    Magnifying GlassThe development of the Internet and the growth of the online community has allowed more people to express their views on pretty much any topic they feel passionate about.

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  • Tara West
    Managing Your Reputation as an Individual Online

    Google SearchYou’re bored one day. You’re browsing the web aimlessly trying to think of something to do. You decide to Google your name….

    You might be surprised at just how much information is indexed on Google for your name. There’s a good chance that you put some of this information online yourself, but there is also a good chance that some of it doesn’t even relate to you and is for someone else with the same name. You might even find that actually there is nothing related to you at all on Google when searching for your name and the results page is taken up by information about others with the same name.

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  • James Perrin
    Improve Your Brand's Online PR with Bloggers

    WritingFor brands, working with bloggers to enhance or your reputation isn’t exactly anything new. However it’s continued usage is a testament to how effective, powerful and influential it can be when writing positive comments or posts about a specific brand or their products and services.

    Recent data from Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2011 has revealed that blogging about brands is more popular than ever. However, the relationship between brands and bloggers could be improved somewhat, to allow for better online PR and user engagement.
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  • Tara West
    What SEO and PR can Learn from Each Other

    LearningThere have been many blog posts about defining the practice of Public Relations and that of SEO, many of which focus on drawing the line between the two practices and defining their boundaries.

    This post isn’t going to go into detail talking about what SEO is, or what PR is, it’s about what each practice can learn from each other. Read more

  • James Perrin
    Google Launch ‘Me on the Web’ to Monitor Your Online Identity

    Monitoring Google have launched a new tool that allows you to manage your online reputation. Called ‘Me on the Web’, the tool will allow you to monitor what others are posting about you.

    According to Google’s Blog, the tool has been created in light of the way information about anyone can be published on the web with consummate ease. Google have created the tool to help monitor you online identity, however will this latest tool allay privacy fears or simply enhance them?

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  • Samantha Noble

    Last week I attended the Spring Symposium with MarkMonitor at the Museum of London, where the main topic of discussion is brands and how to protect your brand online.

    Some very interesting presentations and a lot of the information was new to me, having not worked directly on a site that would suffer with counterfeit products being sold on domains pretending to be the actual brand.

    What I want to discuss in my post here though is one area that really caught my attention; the expansion of new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). gTLDs will allow companies to turn their brands into domains (.brand/company name). They will also allow companies to create broad product groups like .finance, .bank or .shop.

    The internet industry are calling gTLDs ‘dotBrand’ and are set to fundamentally change the internet and how websites do business online.

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