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  • Laura Phillips
    Should I Use A Discount Site To Promote My Business?

    Grunge StampDiscount sites offer their service to just about any and every trade under the sun. Everyone loves a bargain, and these companies have cleverly capitalised on this; offering deals on all manner of products and services for sometimes more than a 70% reduction, while taking their slice of the pie as the middle man. But what do they really mean for your business?

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  • Emma North
    20 Years Of Web Design: From Space Jam To Kit Kat

    Space Jam Website - ThumbnailThe last 20 years has seen the internet evolve from a little understood technological breakthrough to a vital part of society and our everyday lives. In that time, the quality and design of the websites we visit has also transformed as user expectations increased.

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  • John Waghorn
    Why Your Business Needs an Integrated Online Presence

    Social blogIn the modern digital age, businesses need to harness the power of an up-to-date website, as well as regularly maintained social platforms. More can be gained from using both of these platforms together, compared to a single entity alone – so long as they are both being used properly of course.

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  • Ben Norman
    Why Employees Should use Social Media at Work

    Social MediaI have seen several cases recently debating that social media should or should not be used in the workplace and each debate raises interesting points for and against. Read more

  • Harry Gardiner
    The Importance Of Properly Managing Your Social Profiles

    Social Media“Company fires staff; staff take over branded Twitter account.”

    Sadly headlines like the one above were popping up all over the media throughout the last year. As brands flock to establish social profiles and social marketing becomes more prevalent, we were bound to see an increase in blunders such as these.

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  • Tom Howlett
    Marketing Advice For A New Website: Starting From The Ground Up

    Thinking Outside the BoxIt can be difficult for a new website to get off the ground and get noticed, especially if there is no prior platform for promotion, for example if the new website owners already have a good web presence and following to help with the initial promotion. If the idea for the website is new, it is often difficult to capitalise on existing search volume for industry related keywords.

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  • Tom Howlett
    The Rise of TV Advertising for Internet Businesses

    TV AdvertisingLately there has been a rise in the number of internet based businesses that are now advertising on TV with more appearing every day.  These businesses operate in different industries and it’s not just limited to the web giants that likely have the marketing budget to create a successful TV campaign as well as having a strong web presence.

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  • Mike Essex
    The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Monitoring

    Online Reputation GuideIf left uncontrolled, it’s very easy for online mentions to damage a brand very quickly. That’s why we love this Infographic by Trackur and Avalaunch Media as it offers a guide  to why reputation monitoring is so important and the steps you need to take.

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  • Andy Williams
    What’s in a Name? - Should You Brand Your Child?

    Hello. my name is On the 25th September 2012 the legendary American singer Andy Williams passed away. Sad news indeed – well it was for me. This had been a day I had been dreading for a while.

    No I’m not a relative, I’m not even a fan, I could only name you around three of his songs at the most; no it’s just that I’m also Andy Williams.

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  • Andy Williams
    .XXX Domains - Do You Need To Register One?

    Domain NamesSurrounded by hype and publicity I am sure you are all now more than aware that .XXX domains are available for registration.

    As of early December 2011 .XXX domains have been on “general sale” and with this release many businesses have been left pondering whether or not they should be buying this version of their domain.

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  • Samantha Noble
    The Importance of Online Brand Reputation Management

    Social Media really kicked off back in 2004 when Facebook and MySpace (2006) came onto our radars, but who would have thought it would be as bigger part of our daily lives as it is now?

    It is not only dominating our lives personally, for businesses, social media has formed part of their marketing strategy in more ways than one and this continues to be more and more apparent as the years go on.

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