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  • Paul Rogers
    Nine Tips For Getting More From Your Ecommerce Website

    Shopping cart imagePaul Rogers looks back on four years working on ecommerce websites and how to help  user experience, boost performance and improve conversion rates of a website. Read more

  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Value a Website

    barcodeWhen a website goes up for sale it’s often difficult to put a true value on the business. Is the business sustainable? Does it have a healthy link profile? How much is the search engine traffic worth? These are all questions which will crop up in the buying process and in this guide we will help you calculate the true worth of a website.

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  • Gaz Copeland
    Using Competitions For Increased Traffic, Links and Brand Awareness

    WinningToday Gaz Copeland of Stoked SEO takes us through the prize-winning world of online competitions, with all you need to know to run your first online draw. If you like the post then please send your answers on a postcard… or leave a comment below.

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  • Ringo Moss
    Responsive Web Design 101

    Responsive SitePlease join us in welcoming Ringo Moss from Nerv to the Koozai blog today, who is taking a look at the pros and cons of responsive web design and when the best time is for a brand to make the switch. 

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  • Tom Howlett
    The Problem with Quick Build Websites

    The problem with quick build websitesThere has been a recent rise in the number of businesses offering quick website solutions for companies who want a relatively cheap and easy way to develop a personalised web presence.

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  • Harry Gardiner
    A Month After the World Ended – The Emerging Digital Trends of 2013


    Join me as I take a look at the trends in content marketing so far this year and look forward at what 2013 holds for the rapidly changing digital landscape.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Why Viral Campaigns Succeed (and Fail)

    Go ViralViral campaigns don’t just happen. It takes planning, strategy and a fair amount of good luck. After all, perfectly acceptable ideas can fall flat or be hijacked by an unforgiving social audience. So how can you create a successful viral campaign?

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  • Gemma Holloway
    Consumer Motivations and Driving Online Engagement

    Computer keyboard with social media keysVillanueva found that a customer acquired through word of mouth was more profitable to a business than if they were gained by other means. He also found that opinions regarding brands shared between online users are more influential on consumer behaviour than any other traditional type of marketing, such as offline advertising.  This, coupled with the growing emphasis placed on social signals for SEO purposes, means what people are saying about brands online (electronic word of mouth) is now more important than ever.

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  • Dean Marsden
    Domain Name Branding: Is It Worth It?

    Domain names as brands?Today, more than ever, branding is a huge factor in marketing your business. Traditionally a brand is described as a method of differentiating between similar products or services. According to every search engine’s favourite resource, Wikipedia, the first graphic use of a brand was a watermark on papers in Italy back in the 1200s.

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  • Tom Howlett
    Brand Positioning is Key to Online Success

    Brand positioning - key to success onlineUsually when a company wants to enter the online space they will find a way to create an online presence, generally in the form of a website and work hard to get the website live as soon as possible. This is usually met with a disappointing flow of visitors to the website and a lack of website leads/conversions.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    Why You Should Market in the Moment

    TwitterReal time marketing is the latest craze to hit the digital world. Brands are jumping on current events as they unfold while reaping the rewards of interacting with their target audience. Tube strikes, Oscar selfies and football transfers have all been successfully exploited by brands ready to market in the moment. So what are the best platforms for real time marketing, and is it cost effective?

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