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  • Ali Moghadam
    Customer Feedback Attack - Why Your Business Needs Criticism

    Feedback on a BlackboardCustomer feedback is one of the most important tools at your disposal. It’s an opportunity to get real people’s responses to your services, your brand and your products. It’s a free, open forum for your customers to speak their minds – and whether positive or negative, customer feedback is a huge asset.

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  • Liam Veitch
    How To Use Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation

    WritingToday we have Liam Veitch from Tone Agency who takes us behind the lead generation process at his agency, by explaining how inbound marketing techniques and tools can be a great way to draw in extra conversions.

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  • Samantha Noble

    Last week I attended the Spring Symposium with MarkMonitor at the Museum of London, where the main topic of discussion is brands and how to protect your brand online.

    Some very interesting presentations and a lot of the information was new to me, having not worked directly on a site that would suffer with counterfeit products being sold on domains pretending to be the actual brand.

    What I want to discuss in my post here though is one area that really caught my attention; the expansion of new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). gTLDs will allow companies to turn their brands into domains (.brand/company name). They will also allow companies to create broad product groups like .finance, .bank or .shop.

    The internet industry are calling gTLDs ‘dotBrand’ and are set to fundamentally change the internet and how websites do business online.

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  • Andy Williams
    What The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Taught Me About Digital Marketing

    Edinburgh Fringe FestivalAugust 2nd 2013 sees the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (or Festival Fringe if you prefer), the biggest arts festival in the world. Around 1,500 acts will all descend on Edinburgh in a bid to get good reviews, possibly get spotted, find agents and of course to bring in the audiences.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    How to Get Perfect Page One Listings For Your Brand

    Perfect Page OneTop brands are constantly striving for a perfect page one when people search for them by name. This means no negative reviews or bad press and complete domination in the SERPs for brand related searches. But how can this be achieved?

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  • Laura Phillips
    Actionable Tips To Get More People To Open Your Marketing Emails

    Email MarketingIn this day and age your potential customers spend their days being bombarded by marketing message after marketing message; sources reckon 3,000-30,000 per day in fact, many of these in the form of email. The average UK email user may receive 416 commercial emails per month!

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  • Gemma Holloway
    Consumer Motivations and Driving Online Engagement

    Computer keyboard with social media keysVillanueva found that a customer acquired through word of mouth was more profitable to a business than if they were gained by other means. He also found that opinions regarding brands shared between online users are more influential on consumer behaviour than any other traditional type of marketing, such as offline advertising.  This, coupled with the growing emphasis placed on social signals for SEO purposes, means what people are saying about brands online (electronic word of mouth) is now more important than ever.

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  • John Waghorn
    Why Your Business Needs an Integrated Online Presence

    Social blogIn the modern digital age, businesses need to harness the power of an up-to-date website, as well as regularly maintained social platforms. More can be gained from using both of these platforms together, compared to a single entity alone – so long as they are both being used properly of course.

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  • Paul Rogers
    Nine Tips For Getting More From Your Ecommerce Website

    Shopping cart imagePaul Rogers looks back on four years working on ecommerce websites and how to help  user experience, boost performance and improve conversion rates of a website. Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Why Viral Campaigns Succeed (and Fail)

    Go ViralViral campaigns don’t just happen. It takes planning, strategy and a fair amount of good luck. After all, perfectly acceptable ideas can fall flat or be hijacked by an unforgiving social audience. So how can you create a successful viral campaign?

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  • Andy Williams
    The Case of Katie Hopkins and Other Deliberate Hate Figures

    Love HateBefore the 4th July 2013 most people (who could remember) knew Katie Hopkins as a former candidate on the BBC show The Apprentice in 2006. Of those of us who watched the show we remember her as the one we all enjoyed hating. She was the show’s villain for that series. Her outrageous claims on her CV that she would do anything to get what she wanted – including her husband whom she stole from his ex-wife, did little to warm the hearts of Sir Alan Sugar or the TV audience.

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