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Usability Blog Posts

  • Andy Killworth
    ASL? Grumpy SEO#2 - Old Days Of The Web

    Ah, we have it easy these days don’t we? Smartphones, laptops, netbooks, desktops,apps, iPhones (or Android devices for those with more sense), fibre-optic broadband, video on demand, music on demand, Google Maps, social stuff 24/7…

    But when I was a lad…all this were nothing but fields…or something.

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  • Anna Lewis

    Have you ever thought about whether or not the visitors to your website can view your content in the best way? Most businesses ensure that their website is tested on different browsers to ensure it is accessible and the usability is not compromised if a user does not have the latest software, but following initial testing, have you ever analysed the actual capabilities of your users browsers? Finding out the percentage of your users that are on Internet Explorer compared to Firefox, or how many of your users have Java enabled functionality can be very handy when making decisions about the coding of your website.

    Luckily, Google Analytics can give you all sorts of statistics to really help you understand what your users are browsing with and how they may see your website. So here’s how:

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