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Lucy Griffiths

Google Analytics: URL Builder

15th Oct 2009 Analytics | No Comments

Does your email marketing and Google Base traffic get mixed up with your direct, referral and organic traffic?

In today’s modern, online world where return on investment (ROI) is at the centre of all spending decisions, it is essential that you are able to separate all of your marketing activities in Google Analytics.

The Google URL Builder enables Marketing Managers and Webmasters to create individual tracking URLs for different marketing activities.

By entering your identifiers in the correct fields and then clicking on Generate URL. This will provide you with a URL which will be tracked in the Traffic Sources Report in Google Analytics. Please note that the minimal amount of data required includes, Source, Medium and Name. Of course you are able to expand this to include Term and Content.

For example, if you wanted to track an email marketing campaign you would enter the following:

Campaign Source – newsletter

Campaign Medium – email

Campaign Name – oct09 (this can be changed so you can identify different newsletters)

This would generate the following URL –

Of course, the URLs don’t just have to be for your Home page. The URL builder can be used to identify traffic from Google Base. At present, Google Base traffic gets mixed up with organic traffic but by adding the identifier on the URL this will separate the traffic and enable you to see how many sales have been as a result of Google Base.

For example, for Google Base:

Campaign Source  – google

Campaign Medium – base

Campaign Name – version1

Generated URL:

If your site is an e-commerce site, you are also able to view which products and the value of orders which each source has delivered.

This Christmas if you are considering expanding your marketing channels, use the URL builder to ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted and work efficiently for you.

The URL Builder can be found in the Google Analytics Help.

Contact us if you would like us to analyse your traffic sources through your Website Analytics.

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