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Digital Marketing Job Requirements

Find out just what is required to work for Koozai.

So What Makes The Ideal Candidate?

We offer a wide range of jobs and so the requirements for any given position can change markedly. So whether you’re a Search Specialist with many years experience in the industry or are looking for your first SEO job, Koozai could provide the next step in your online marketing career.

However, an ideal candidate will always be someone who can really add something to the team. Whether that’s extensive knowledge, a broad skill set or just endless enthusiasm for the role, it doesn’t really matter. If you believe that Koozai may be weaker for not having you in our team, let us know.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Online marketing jobs, tend to have a high level of competition. Therefore, you need to make sure your application stands out. Show your skills and leave us in no doubt that you’d make a great addition to the company.

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We Look For:

Relevant Skills – Whether you’ve worked for many years in SEO or are fresh out of university, we want to know what you can bring to the table. Study the job description and highlight to us the skills you have that make you the perfect candidate.

Personality – Koozai have a tight team of Search Specialists, so any new members that come in need to be able to fit in. We don’t ask that you’re overly gregarious or an efficient robot, just that you are happy to work in a team and muck in.

Initiative – Provide samples of work or have evidence of what you’ve done previously lined up. Basically, don’t just talk the talk, find something to back it up. We might ask you for this anyway, but pre-empting this is a pretty good start.

Accuracy – It pays to have a spell checker handy. Nothing undermines an application like typos and other errors. Rightly or wrongly this can show laziness and a lack of attention to detail. As an SEO agency, the reports we create and all other client correspondence needs to be of a professional standard, so if you can’t achieve this in a CV/covering letter, then we may have instant reservations.

Communication – We maintain regular contact with clients and so the ability to effectively communicate changes and issues is vital. It is also a vital skill within the work place too, helping you to build working relationships within Koozai.

If you still think you’ve got what it takes, visit our Vacancies page and see what positions are currently available here at Koozai.

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